Meeting Whang-Od

  1. Whang-od, more than the tattoo artist

We’ve arrived in the remote village of Buscalan after 17-18 hours of travelling. From the 11 hour bus ride from Cubao to Tabuk, to the 5 hours jeepney ride going to Tinglayan and the not so easy trek to their village of Buscalan, just to get inked by the Master as what they call her.

I have long wanted to meet Apo Fang-od, long before she was considered to be a National Artist or National Living Treasure as Senator Santiago puts it.

Meeting her for the first time, I’m in awe.

We were lucky to be hosted in her house by our guide.

Around noon, she was still doing sessions, that’s why we did not bother her anymore. We just patiently waited for her to arrive home in time for dinner.

You can see and feel her exhaustion when she came home, and telling us that her arms are aching and her eyes teary from the day’s sessions.

But still, she manage to accommodate us when she learned that we are staying on her place, and shared funny anecdotes about her day.

She may not be able to speak tagalog, but always tried her best for her guest to understand what she’s saying, even simple phrase like Sit down, Eat. When she invited us for breakfast.

Apo Whang-od is a funny petite person. And very determine to accommodate and accept all request of photo ops and tattoo requests.

At 98, there’s no sign that she’s slowing. She moves quick and sleek, and always has anecdotes and joke.

She even jokingly told us to find a man when we said that it’s so cold in their village.

That and more. I just felt happy and privilege, to have meet her and have get to know her on a more personal level.

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oftentimes wandering on the vastness of the world makes you realizes just how small you are, how insignificant.

life goes on to other while you sulk on your little world, mindless of the fast moving environment you that left you alone

times when you don’t know how to move forward

times when you feel like letting go.

amidst everything, the chaos and turbulence, you will find you.

in the most unexpected places, to the unforeseen will find you.

the you , you have always been looking for.

its easy to get lost, go with the flow, and just let the world lead you.

lost , confuse. astray.

take time to look and you will find your way, back to where you should be.



Exploring Cebu City with Lapu-Lapu Side trip

Cebu known as the Queen City of the South has a lot of things to offer for foodie and traveler like me.

Be it in the City, the North or South of Cebu, something is always worth visiting.

My target budget for this trip Php 5,000.00 (US $108.00/current conversion)this should include accommodation, transportation costs, and food, including some souvenirs.


Day 1

Depart Manila 6:00 am

Arrival in Cebu 7:00 am

Lapulapu Shrine


Virgen dela Regla National Shrine
ferry ride going to the city proper from Lapu Lapu

Check In: Sampaguita Suites

Basilica del Sto Nino

Cebu Cathedral

Magellans’s Cross

Lunch (siomai sa tisa)

Cebu Heritage Monument

Yap-San Diego Ancestral House

Colon Street

Cathedral Museum of Cebu

Fort San Pedro

Dinner at Larsian

Php 12,000 Budget Guide for Boracay for 2

Yes, you read that right. My husband and I spent only Php 12,000 on our Budget Boracay Vacation.


I always tell my friends that traveling shouldn’t be expensive. And that you should always know why you travel. Know the purpose of your trip and plan well.


I haven’t answered yet 🙂

1. Proper planning , that includes a lot of research. (read, read, read)

2. Know what you want and what you need.

3. How much you wanted to spend, and where you want to spend it.

How we manage with 12,000?

Whenever I travel, I always consider the place I am going to sleep in.
I know that I don’t want a fancy place, since I’ll be out most of the time, like in Boracay where the beach is always inviting.
So for the accommodation, I only wanted a room with a private bathroom (en suite) and since I don’t want to be in either Station 1, 2 or 3, we opt for Bulabog beach.
It’s not far from White beach,and just a few minutes walk from D-Mall, and it’s far from the noise of Boracay partying. I want a place where I can have a good sleep. Also to be consider is the season time, since July is my birthday month and is considered off peak, prices are a bit discounted.
So for our room, we only spent Php 600/night.

We are also fortunate to snag Airasia tickets, and got our round trip flight for only 3,500.00.

That is only 1,700 per person, the flight is via Kalibo.

and since we’ll be landing in Kalibo, I make it sure to visit the place as well.

from Kalibo Airport, we rented a trike to take us to some of Kalibo’s wonder, like the Bakhwan Eco Park , Aklan Museum and of course try some local specialties in RML Manokan and Ramboys as suggested by our trike driver.

There is so much to see, but since we only have a few hours, this is just a few that we manage to visit. Total expense for Kalibo,Php 1,000, this includes trike rental, meals and entrance to Bakhawan Eco Park and Aklan Museum .

boat, being hidden by the lush mangroves in Bakhawan Eco Park

At 3pm, we rode the bus going to Caticlan, we opt for ordinary bus, since we wanted to really feel like a local.  Our fare is less than a hundred,around 90 per person only for a two 2 hour ride.

When we reach Caticlan, we paid 30 for the trike ride to the port.

Caticlan port requires everyone to pay the terminal fee, so aside from the ferry fee, you also pay the terminal and environmental fee. Cost 200 each.

The tricycle ride from the port to Dmall which is the stop we opt going to our accommodation is Php 20.00 per person.

After we settle in our room, we decide to stroll around and catch that beautiful Boracay sunset.

sunset taken from Station 2

Since, we just wanted to enjoy the beach, we opt not to do much activities in Boracay, this is where purpose sets in.
Majority of the big expenses in Boracay is due to activities being offered in the island. The only one we tried is the paddle boat which is rented for Php 500 per hour, depends on your haggling skills and D-wall which is less than a hundred.

Many will be offering you boat rides going to different parts of the island like Puka Beach, but a cheaper option is to go there by trike. Yes by trike, we only paid Php 150.00 for a ride going to Puka beach.

Diniwid Beach is also a great option, and we only walked going there, but since we stop from time to time to take picture, it took us an hour to reach Spider House from Station 1.

Food and Drinks in Spider House is a bit expensive but we only spend around Php 500 here, since we only ordered drinks.

Buffets are expensive, but I suggest you also try to eat at least one, this will cost you Php 500 per meal or more, depending on where you will eat.

Andoks have a branch in Boracay,we had one dinner here.

Restos and carinderia also abound the place, so your meal shouldn’t be that expensive.

We tried, Smoke, Tods and some local carinderia. This only cost us 150-300 per meal.

So that’s how we manage to work on that budget, without comprising our comfort and without starving ourselves, but still enjoy the place.

the sand, the sun and the sea, that’s what Boracay is all about for me.






tamad mode…

well I’ve been idle for quite some times.

writer’s block…ha ha ha
kidding aside, I just can’t find time to post and sort out things for this blog.

been wanting to share few travel experiences and weekend exploring.

Procrastination that’s the culprit.

I’ve been feeling lazy that’s the real reason.

But I’ll be updating soon.

Even if it’s late.


Vietnam-Cambodia Travel Itinerary for 6 Days and 5 Nights

Yey…after two years of dreaming and planning, at long last here it is. Part of my plan to travel Indochina.

Just to share my travel journal.

Day 0

11:00 pm (Manila Time) Departure from Manila via Cebu Pacific

1:10 am (HCMC Time) Arrival in Saigon

Note: They are an hour late from us 🙂

1:45 am Check in at Hong Han Hotel

Day 1

7:00 am Breakfast (courtesy of Hotel)

8:00 am start of our walking tour

  • Ben Tahn Market
  • Saigon Square
  • Nguyen Hue St. (full of flowers, as we traveled during their Tet Holiday)

12:00 Lunch

1:00 pm

  • Saigon Opera House
  • Post Office
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Independence Palace

7:00 pm Dinner at Night Market in Ben Than

Day 2

7:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am Pick up by Bus to Join Mekong Delta Tour

6:00 pm Back to Saigon

7:00 pm Dinner

8:00 pm Checked Bui Vien St. Night Life

Day 3

8:00 am Travel to Cambodia

4:00 pm Arrival in Phnom Penh

5:00 pm Phnom Penh City Tour

  • Grand Palace
  • Independence Monument
  • Wat Phnom Temple
  • Ounalom Pagoda
  • Sisowath Quay

11:00 pm Travel to Siem Reap via Sleeper Bus

Day 4

6:00 am Arrival in Siem Reap

7:00 am Breakfast


4:30pm Buy Tickets for Angkor Wat

5:00 pm Sunset at Angkor Wat

6:00 pm Watch Apsara Show

9:00 pm Pub Street and Night Market

Day 5

8:00 am start Temple Tour (Small Circle)

6:00 pm return at hotel


Day 6

10:00 am Early Check out

11:00 am Central Market, Old Market and Street Food Sampling

1:00 pm Lunch

3:00 pm Try Fish Spa

7:00 Return to Hotel and head to Airport

10:00 am Return Flight to Manila

the flowers at Nguyen Hue St, in celebration of Tet




to travel is to dream

I have long wanted to start this blog but can’t find the right time to do so, but like traveling, I will not be able to start it, unless I do so. It will remain a plan. So here I am executing it.

I love to chronicle almost everything, keeping diaries, notes and journal. But since blogs have been very helpful in my travel, I decided to make one again.

why is it a dream to travel?

It is a dream because every destination is a creation of our imagination. You imagine the place before you see it. You visualize.

Therefore, to travel is to dream.